Hello! I'm Alexandra Mills. 

Welcome to my online portfolio. Whether you ended up here by accident or are sincerely curious to know more, I hope you find something beautiful or at least somewhat intriguing. If you have a look around, you'll find a few of my choicest thoughts and theories on art and exhibitions, the current exhibitions I'm designing or dreaming about, and maybe even a little artwork of my own.  TBD on when that might show up- let's just say I have more to say than paint right now.  



In August of 2021, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and honors from the University of Texas at Austin. I also have a double minor in Arts Management and Administration and French Studies. In high school, I took four years of intensive art courses at Trinity Christian Academy under the instruction of Jon Millet and David Connolly. 

Over my time at both schools, I have developed a love for all things art. I have worked to improve my own artistic skill and my knowledge and ability to communicate about the artwork of others. I spend my time researching, writing and painting.


I can paint, I can draw, I can print, and if need be, I can sculpt.  For all the things that I can and can't do, I write.  

With my background as an artist, I have a unique perspective on art that religiously incorporates the process into the product.  To me, what happened in the studio or on the street is equally important to what was happening around the artist as they worked.  How things were made speaks greatly into how they should be perceived.  

No worries, I also have the art history behind it all too.  Want to know what I know? Check me out on LinkedIn for a fancy list of the courses I've taken at UT.

Let's talk.

Artists, curators, professors, and friends, I've shared my ideas. Now I want to hear yours.

I want to hear about:

-your art

-your idea for an exhibition

-your response to an artwork or exhibition I've written about or you think I should see

-that color you couldn't stop thinking about at 3am

-and especially your fantastic job offer for me

You can contact me using my contact form or follow me on instagram @art.mills_

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